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20140620-ap-helsinki center-074102-final_edit_bw

Senaatintori, Helsinki

My name is Arnaldo Pellini. I’m born in Cremona (Italy). I  am a researcher in development and my work has brought me to live in Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and now Finland. Living in these countries and travelling in many more has put me in touch with different languages, religions, cultures.

I love taking pictures of what I see in my life and work overseas. I like to be able to capture moments of the reality I wander through and share them with the people I know and the ones I do not know but can reach through the power of internet. I love to take black & white street photos.

I started by been using a Nikon D5100 for about five years. Last year I started to experiment with the micro four third format with an Olympus E-PL 6 and a Panasonic DMC-GF6. I like the format and have decided to give it a go. Sold the Nikon and bought an Olympus OM-D E-M1. That very nice camera is now gone (together with some nice lenses), stolen by somebody entering during our home in Jakarta. I now have a Panasonic G80 which is really nice and easy to use. More and more I find myself taking photos with my iPhone,

I edit my photos using Lightroom and Nik Software in my laptop and Snapseed in my phone. The images that appear here and on my Flickr account are protected by Copyright. If you would like to have a copy, please just ask. If you want to  copy the images and reproduce them or post them (digitally) pls let me know and when you do, don’t forget to quote my name and site address. Non authorised commercial usage is not permitted. You can contact me at the email address in the Contact page.

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8 Responses to “About”

  1. eharrima

    Your photographs are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. I would be interest ed to know what kind of camera you use? Thanks!


    • Arnaldo Pellini

      Thanks a lot. I have a Nikin DSLR D5100, crop sensor. I use kit lenses 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 35mm 1.8G, 85mm 1.8G, 12-24mm. How about your photos?


  2. eharrima

    I’ve been using a Canon powershot but I’m not very happy with it. Coincidentally, I’ve been looking at the Nikon D5100! I was very impressed with your photos so I think my decision has been made!


      • eharrima

        Got it and so far I’m very impressed. Really enjoyed playing with it this morning. You can check out the 3 photos I’ve got posted on my 2nd blog if you like. Thanks for letting me know about your camera!


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