Santa Lucia, Honduras

Last Sunday I went for an afternoon walk to Santa Lucia. It is a small village about 15 km out of Tegucigalpa. There was a nice bright light. The sun was shining, but it was not too hot. Families were in restaurants having lunch and enjoying the good time together. It was a nice day.



Winter glow

20180221-AP- Harmela_ice_lake-175547-FINAL_EDIT_BW

The end of February is the nicest part of winter. All of a sudden the days are longer. They get also colder, well below zero. This means that the snow does not melt and the lake gets covered with ice. It is possible to take long walks on tracks which do not exist for the rest of the year. Get to new spots to take photos and enjoy the beauty of this season.

Il fiume Po


Winter trees along the Po river

Winter reflections

Po river

Po river

Po river

Winter river

Bridge over the Po river

The bridge over the Po river

Winter river

Po river

Winter river

River landscape

Bridge over the Po river

The bridge over the Po river

Winter reflections

Winter reflections

Along the river Po

Po river

Navigating the Po river

Navigating the Po river

Winter sunset over the Po river

Winter sunset

In December I went back for few days to my hometown, Cremona. The weather was crisp and chilly. One afternoon, a friend asked me whether I wanted to go to the river Po and take some photos. The air was clear, the colours intense, the river was very dry and run slowly along its course. I liked the contrasts between the shadow and light areas of these photos and edited them all into black and white. All photos taken with iPhone SE and edited with Snapseeds.

Lahti railway station

An unassuming railway station where the long distance trains which run north-south-north stop to let passengers catch the trains that run to the east. Now that it is winter, passengers seem unsure whether to wait for their next train on the platform or taking refuge, if only for few minutes, in the station building next to the ticket counters and the café.


Outside on the platform, people are waiting their next train wrapped in their thoughts. Some will soon be home. Others have a long way to go. All in that strange no-man zone which is a transit railway station.


Winter cottage

It has been snowing a lot during the last few days. The snow has brought silence in the forest. The wind has stopped blowing. There is an incredible peace if one stops for a moment to listen to the silence.

The lamp post

I have been living in Southeast Asia for the last 15 years. Now I am back in Europe and it is lovely to feel the winter again here in Finland. With the first snow it was to take a walk along the path behind our house and capture the Nordic winter atmosphere. The photo is taken with the Panasonic G85, handheld.  The lens is the Panasonic Lumix 25mmm f1.7.


Snow paths

It has been snowing earlier than usual this year here in Tampere. It was nice to walk on the path behind our house and take some photos of the snow paths. I took this photo handheld with the Panasonic G85. The lens is the Panasonic 25mm f1.7.


The small shop down the road

Every neighborough in Jakarta has these small shops down the road where one can run to and buy mobile phone credits (pulsa), a soft drink, the three in one powder mix to prepare a milk coffee. The shop in the photo is down our road. It is family run. Open from early morning to late evening seven days a week.

Vespa workshop

In Jakarta, in Kemang Timur, there is Vespa repair show. Actually, it is not a repair shop, it is a workshop where old Vespa piece are repaired and put together to give a new life to these wonderful and old motorbikes. When I walked by the workshop I stopped to listen to the noise from inside and the smell of the paint use for the main frame of a white Vespa. There are few of these workshops in tow and several Vespa clubs, one of them is even called Pontedera!

Rainy season

It is a long rainy season this year in Jakarta. When rain starts these young men appear next to the door of the office tower where I work. It happens all over the city. They appear and accompany under their umbrella the people who need to walk to the near coffee place, the motorbikes parking, of into a taxi. There si no negotiation on the price. A silent agreement. People just know how much to give them.

The alleys of Kemang

I always like to walk in the narrow alleys of Kemang, in the south part of Jakarta. People greet me. I stop for a quick chat. I discover interesting angles and details that I capture in a photo with my iPhone.

The Tjong A Fie Mansion in Medan

This is a very elegant two stories house. It has an internal yard with a nice soft light from the sky. Walking through the rooms, seeing old gramophones, faded mirrors, old family pictures in wodden frame, it is possible to imagine large family gatherings for the Chinese New Year.  This is what was once the house of the richest man in town and maybe the whole of Sumatra.

The Tjong A Fie Mansion in Medan

The Tjong A Fie Mansion is a two-story mansion in Medan, North Sumatra, built by Tjong A Fie (1860 – 1921) a Hakka merchant who came to own much of the land in Medan through his plantations, later becoming ‘Majoor der Chineezen’ (leader of the Chinese’) in Medan and constructing the Medan-Belawan railway. Tjong A Fie is said to be related to Cheong Fatt Tze, who built the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang, Malaysia. The building is constructed in Chinese-European-Art Deco style, and was completed in 1900, and said to have been modeled on the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

My camera got stolen, but I do not stop taking photos

As @tedforbes says: take pictures with whatever camera you have. This is dedicates to the guy who broke into our house the other night and stole (among other things) my Olympus camera and four great lenses. You are not stopping me, I continue more then ever to take photos of the streets of Jakarta. Here the one I took with my iphone this morning at Halte Senayan! 

Break time

There are many guards in Jakarta. They work at the gate of housing compounds, the entrance of office tower, at the malls and at some less known place like a music school in South Jakarta. They have long shift and sometime really need to take a break, if just for a moment.

Helsinki Senaatintori

Helsinki’s Senate Square (Senaatintori)  is dominated by the white church overlooking the surrounding buildings and standing high up on a steep flight of stone steps. A couple of years ago, it was in June I think, I got to Helsinki very early. I flew in from Singapore. I walked to the center waiting for coffee shops to open. It was a bright sunny morning and I headed to Senaatintori. It was early. The square was quiet. 

Senaatintori church, Helsinki

Morning reflection

Helsinki University

Senaatintori church, Helsinki

Walking by

The usual

Every Friday afternoon I spend an hour at the Dialogue art & coffee in South Jakarta. I sit for 45 minutes, waiting for my daughter to finish her piano lesson nearby.  It is a nice, modern coffee. There always new exhibitions. I sit at one if the tables and usually order a sparkling Equil. I then work on a blog or read sonething.


Jumping off the bus, Halte Senayan (Jakarta)

For the last three years I have been cycling to work here in Jakarta. On my way to the office I have to walk across a pedestrian bridge over one of the stations of the Transjakarta bus line, Halte Senayan. A year or so ago I started to carry my camera and take photos from the bridge as well as under the bridge. Having the camera with me and taking photos every day has made me discover all what is going on here every day: the people commuting to work, the food sellers, the crowded minibuses Kopaja, the motorbikes drivers, the musicians, the workers at new Jakarta underground system. When I was walking pass Halte Senayan without my camera I missed most of that. I did not notice it. I was thinking about the day ahead, the meetings, the emails, etc. The pedestrian bridge and Halte Senayan was unremarkable, because I did not noticed all what is there. Having the camera with me was like opening my eyes to a place I am go through everyday, twice a day. Discovering it in a new way. Here some of the photos I have taken so far.

In the morning …

In the morning the rush to the office towers where they work. They spent maybe an hour, an hour and half, maybe two hours on the road to commute and to get here. They now rush to be on time at their workplaces.
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